Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Update and Video "Adopting Change"

Things are going SO well here and we are SO blessed! Isaac is sleeping so well. It took less than a week to get him on our time. He naps around the same time as Ellie and they both go to bed at the same time.
He is the sweetest little guy. I cannot tell you how sweet it is to rock him to sleep and watch his big blue eyes grow heavy as I rock him to sleep each night. 
He has started eating some things from a spoon. He likes baby rice cereal but gags on strained fruits and veggies. Can you blame him? He ate blueberry baby yogurt a bit better. 
In China he refused those Gerber puffs baby snacks but today he accepted them and swallowed them well, all encouraging signs. I think in China he was grieving, in shock and possibly afraid Chris would force feed him. He shows signs of feeding trauma but those issues are quickly disappearing.
He is sitting up better, and he constantly laughs and babbles. He loves bright colorful toys. He rarely cries unless he has a dirty diaper or is tired.
I wanted to share a video of a great message about adoption, adoption of sinners by God and a sweet reference to our adoption of Issac.

"Adopting Change" from St John Lutheran Church on Vimeo.

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