Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Long over due post

It's so typical. With a first born, you celebrate every first, with the second child, some firsts but not as many. If you end up with more children right away, they eventually have a couple pictures stashed away in a book. Well, that is what has happened to poor Sophie!
Sophie will be our fifth (gasp!) child, and our third adoption in four years. While we announced back in July or August to friend and family and on Facebook, somehow I never ended up making an "official" blog post. I did keep up with entering in timelines but that was about it.

So here is a long over due ANNOUNCEMENT!
Introducing Sophie Grace from eastern China! We hope to travel sometime in June to bring her home. She is three years old and living in a foster home with one slightly younger sister and a loving foster mamma who has fostered her since she was ten months old. Like Isaac, Sophie was born with albinism, a genetic condition causing the hair and skin to have no pigment and eye issues.

Picture which moved our hearts to adopt again

Celebrating her 3rd birthday with the cake we sent

With foster mamma and the gifts we sent for her birthday (hat, sunglasses, blankie, candy)