Tuesday, June 18, 2019

God ALWAYS answers

Since my last post over a year ago,  we had received news that our precious Patrick had been sent back to his original orphanage. For reasons I don't understand, the government required his return to his original home province orphanage. The photo I received from a volunteer who spotted him in a couple photos posted by a visiting adoptive family rocked me. His lips were cracked and dry, his eyes lifeless, and he was covered with a blanket up to his neck.  I notified our agency who grieved with me and promised to get me an update. The photos which followed looked moderately better, but I knew that was probably done to make things appear better than they were.
I had one prayer. One. That God would take him home and end his suffering here on earth. I prayed that every day for many days before the chaos of life pushed him to the back of my mind.

Every morning his sweet face greets me in a photo frame which sat on the end table next to the couch where I sat to have my coffee. I loved him from the moment I saw his face and have always considered myself his mother. I fought hard half a world away for my son's care and for a time he was in a wonderful facility. 

Today I got the news I always knew was coming. My friend, who takes a team to visit the orphanage a couple times a year let me know Patrick had passed away in January. The answer to my prayers
He is no longer suffering. No longer in pain. He is held by our Father and loved like we can't imagine.

I am thankful I was his mom, even though I didn't get to hold him this side of heaven.

This is the very first photo I saw of this sweet baby.
Patrick as a newborn

When he was happy and smiling

Before seizures due to high fever robbed his brain

These were sent to me by a mission team

Such a sweet baby

Video taken after his siezure

These photos and videos prompted me to fight to get him better care

After arriving at Maria's Big House of Hope. Clean and well taken care of

Taken his second year at Maria's

He had gotten so big!

He got physical therapy daily at Maria's

The shocking photo I received after the news he had been sent back to his original orphanage
The last photo I have of my son. Not long after this was taken he passed away.