Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another video of Ellie

This was taken in Xi'an at our hotel a couple of days ago.

So we arrived late in Guangzhou (GZ) late last night. The flight took two and half hours.  Ellie did great! She fell alseep when the plane took off and slept most of the flight. I on the other hand forgot to take any medication and was a hot mess. I hate flying. I dread the flight home. Thank goodness God is so good and has provided us with an awesome family we've come to know, and are a good fit with us to fly home with.  GZ is different. It's warmer and more touristy. I didn't think our hotel could top the first one of our stay, but boy was I wrong! The Garden in GZ is more luxurious than one can imagine. We have a suite with walk in tub/shower. Did I mention it's marble? There are FRESH pink roses in a vase on the desk. The buffet for breakfast it to die for! There is less staring by the Chinese people. We had the medical exam for Ellie today. It was a cattle call. All the families go to this office and after several stations of weighing, ear, nose and throat checks and some general questions they send you on your way. Oh yeah, and charge around 500 rmb for that. What a racket!
Tonight we walked to Pizza Hut. It is not like Pizza Hut at home. They have pizza alright, and it tastes like home, but they have tons of other stuff on the menu which is several pages. Pizza Hut should just serve pizza!
Earlier today after the medical exam we went to McDonalds. Ordering was an adventure! My burger came with lettuce, two patties and...mashed potatoes! Yes, mashed potatoes! It wasn't ketchup or mustard so I was good. We had our first drinks with ice since we got to China. Apparently we look like sprite drinkers because that is what we got with our meal. 
Despite the five star living, I am so ready to be home. And home for good. 
Ellie's walking is better, she is taking more steps but like a one year old learning to walk. It's kind of neat she'll do her first real walking with us, probably at home when she gets some decent shoes.
She is still amazing! She is perfect when we are on the bus, perfect when out, and in our room she laughs and plays and cracks herself up. I'm not sure she is a real baby. She is amazing. She even has a heart shaped birthmark on her leg. She is the sweetest thing. She still is super friendly and will go to just about anyone who hold their arms when we get home besides walking, bonding will be a must. Stranger danger IS important.
Well Ellie just finished her night time bottle and has gone to bed. She is a delight and joy to us.

With our guide, Ann in Xi'an right before we left for the airport for GZ.

Medical exam day!

Being silly with Baba (Daddy)

First McDonalds. Placing order was an adventure! Children are NOT allowed to get soda with their meal. Not that we would order her soda but still.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Terra Cotta Today!

With the farmer who originally found the warrior site. He's now a celebrity. When you walk in, they pressure you to buy the book and get his autograph and photo. It's raining, I have no flat iron, or will to care anymore :)

Wow, I am so glad we got to do this, even though the day was LONG! I was surprised too at how good the photos turned out.

Daddy's girl. She likes Mamma too but Dad doesn't look like quite the mess!

Ten Dollar each person for "take your own" photo with replica warriors

Love the angle our guide Ann took. It looks like we are down in the pit.

There are very few who actually get to stand in the pits. This one's for you dad!

End of a long day. The bow I made has held up well. We are eating most of our dinners in the hotel. This one gets rock star treatment from the staff!