Thursday, March 1, 2012

Terra Cotta Today!

With the farmer who originally found the warrior site. He's now a celebrity. When you walk in, they pressure you to buy the book and get his autograph and photo. It's raining, I have no flat iron, or will to care anymore :)

Wow, I am so glad we got to do this, even though the day was LONG! I was surprised too at how good the photos turned out.

Daddy's girl. She likes Mamma too but Dad doesn't look like quite the mess!

Ten Dollar each person for "take your own" photo with replica warriors

Love the angle our guide Ann took. It looks like we are down in the pit.

There are very few who actually get to stand in the pits. This one's for you dad!

End of a long day. The bow I made has held up well. We are eating most of our dinners in the hotel. This one gets rock star treatment from the staff!