Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chris shares more thoughts

This is Chris again, today marks the fourth day since we were united with Ellie!  The first evening back at the hotel, we took our baby girl for her first restaurant meal.  She tasted a few of the noodles we put on her plate, then promptly spit them into my hand.  The next morning we went to the breakfast buffet.  We gave Ellie some tangerines, sweet cake, and Cheerios.  Ellie quickly let us know she was having none of that either.  Being the "good parents" we quickly labeled her a picky eater.  While Skyping with Wyatt, we informed him his baby sister was picky, just like him.  Well, this morning, our "picky eater" ate two bowls of tangerines and a bowl of Cheerios!  So much for our parenting wisdom!  Apparently, being carried away by two strangers, who look nothing like anyone else you have ever seen, effects your appetite!  Who knew?

Just like Ellie's appetite, her personality continues to grow with each passing day!  She has a smile and a laugh which lights up a room, I can't even describe how it makes me feel!  I do know if I could put the feeling in a bottle and sell it, I'd be a very rich man!  Ellie thinks its hilarious to sneeze, belch, or cough in my face!  For some unknown reason, I think it's pretty darn funny myself!  It seems like every time Ellie wakes up in the morning, or, from a nap, and sees we're still here with her, she lights up even more!

The hotel staff, especially the waitresses, continue to fawn over Ellie!  There's not a lot of adoption families here and I guess Ellie is reaping the benefits.  It doesn't hurt she's the cutest thing this side of Beijing!  Tonight we're venturing out to a restaurant famous for it's dumplings.  We're going to go with the other family who is here and will be traveling to  Guangzhou with us.

Today, a hotel manager told Julie and I we were "charitable."  Of all the emotions I have been feeling, charitable is certainly not one of them.  Blessed, elated, indescribable joy, yes!!  Charitable, I hardly think so!  This gift from God is something I cannot figure out in my mind.   This morning, while we were both watching Ellie sleep,  I asked Julie; "what did we do to deserve her?"  Neither of us could think of anything.  Like all gifts from God, we're not worthy of his generosity.  Its what we do with these gifts for which God will hold us accountable.  Love your children, hold them, teach them, be those "good parents."