Monday, February 13, 2012


I really don't have anything eloquent to write. Usually I have well thought out words to express my feelings. Packing sucks. I have never liked packing. It stresses me out. Packing to move, packing to travel. I just have not ever been able to embrace the "if we forgot it, we'll buy it" ideology. So here is my mini-pharmacy. Thankfully many who have adopted from China before me have felt the need to share what worked for them and what didn't. I feel less worried about packing enough clothes, but more worried about being sick and not having what I need. All the things pictured have been suggested I take, either by my doctor, my agency or experienced adoptive parents. This is only the pharmacological side of things. There is still the clothing and all items needed for Ellie, plus the paperwork. Oh the paperwork! Slowly but surely things are coming together. I'm still a hot mess, but little by little I'll get us all packed. I have no choice, right?