Friday, February 10, 2012

We got Travel Approval!

Two days ago we got our travel approval! Hooray! I've been trying to process a million emotions plus a few extra unwanted emotions thrown in.
It was kind of neat how it unfolded. My dad had called our home phone earlier in the morning. After hanging up with him, I went about my day doing laundry and cleaning up the kitchen. I came downstairs to discover Chris had left some VERY EXPENSIVE lunch meat out when he made his lunch and left for work for the day. It was still cold and I put it back in the fridge, but sent him an all caps text message just for fun.When he called twenty minutes later on my cell phone, I figured he was calling to be contrite about leaving the meat out. His voice was very serious. My heart skipped a beat something was wrong, then he said "We got our travel approval, you need to call Margaret right away!" Since my cell battery was almost dead I decided to use our home phone. I pressed the talk button...beep beep beep....cannont connect....ran upstairs, grabbed the upstairs cordless....same thing. I then noticed the answering machine was blinking and there was the message from Margaret! The phone hadn't rung, I never heard the machine go off, but there was that awesome message! I then thought how cool it was it worked out that way. I had gotten the LOA call, he had gotten the TA call. We both got to experience it first hand. God is good.
Our time frame is working out and now we just need to firm up some travel arrangements and we'll be on our way at the end of this month, and we will hold our daughter for the first time on February 26, 2012.