Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yesterday our social worker let us know she FINALLY received our CANTS forms which is short for Child Abuse and Neglect tracking system. I am so happy they finally arrived, sometimes they get “lost” in the deep sea at DCFS and have to be resubmitted.
Now to complete the Homstudy we are waiting on…
*2 more reference letters (who do I need to holler at?)
*Training documentation (We’ve finished our 4 hours of in person training and completed the
10 hour online course “Because They Waited”) So we need to work on our special needs

*Child Supervision form (Filled out and ready to be mailed with everything else)

We still need to do four hours of research training on the special need we are willing to accept. We are busy filling our brains with everything cleft palate!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things are progressing well. We have had two home study visits, and have unloaded a bunch of paperwork to our social worker. Our social worker looks a lot like Wyatt’s kindergarten teacher, who we still keep in touch with. I explained that to our social worker, Sara who was relieved to finally be thought of a “real” person besides Katie Holmes! I then remembered how much Wyatt’s teacher looked like Katie!

Now we are in a waiting process, waiting on child abuse clearance checks, waiting on visas, waiting on referral letters, waiting on medical reports. Waiting, waiting, waiting!