Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It was like most ordinary Sundays after worship and classes a few weeks ago. We were saying our customary greetings/goodbyes to our friends and fellow church members. Of course we always had to stop and say our customary goodbye to our favorite toddler at church, Mayah and company (aka the rest of her family). It was then Chris told me he thought Pastor Tim’s message confirmed what he had already been thinking. We should adopt a child! Woah, wait a minute….did he say WE should adopt? I pretty much had the same reaction I did last year when he suggested we buy the kids rabbits for Easter. (Yeah,another blog entirely) WE should adopt? A child? US, whose kids are halfway grown? We who have NO baby “stuff”? As time has gone on in the last few weeks, God has shown me the path. Our families are shocked but supportive. We’ve started the paperwork for a little girl in China.Chris feels this is so right and God has our little girl selected already. It all seems a bit up hill at the moment. Now I would NEVER, ever compare myself to Mary but at times I feel like reflective like I imagine she would have been. Excited to be a parent (again), terrified at the paperwork/home study prospect, and mostly just in awe of the possibility.