Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An update from Chris

I'm still holding down the fort here at home. Everyone is doing well and keeping to their routines. I am just like our friends and family, devouring each and every little picture and video clip I am sent. I am going to try a different format for a video clip. This is from gotcha day, while Chris was signing paperwork the nannies brought in Isaac. Summer was video taping with her phone and then I guess the nannies assumed she was the mother and handed her the baby!

Here is the update from Chris' Facebook....

Today's Status Update: It's official! Isaac is now part of our family! We went back to the civil affairs office today and filled out the rest of the paperwork. One of the most ironic forms I had to sign was a promise not to abuse or abandon Isaac. We gave all parties involved their gifts before leaving, but the most touching moment came when we gave the nannies bottles for cleft lip / palate babies provided by my cousin Ginger. The nannies almost cried and stated they did not have any of these type of bottles. I told them we would send them more when we returned home. Isaac is doing better today, I'm learning more about his condition as time goes on. While giving him a bath, I thought his hair disappeared when it became wet! It returned fluffier than ever when it dried! Who knew? I am ready to be home with the rest of my family, however, I still have eight days to go. Keep on praying for us and I will write another update tomorrow. Take care and God bless!

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