Sunday, June 2, 2013

Chris and Summer are in China!

Chris and Summer are FINALLY in China! When I say finally, that is an understatement! They left Friday morning around 6:30 a.m. The flight from St. Louis was slightly delayed but once they landed in Los Angeles the fun or should I say overwhelming stress began. They missed their connecting flight to Bejing. After frantic calls to me, then me to our travel agent (who is very experienced in adoption travel to China) all agencies were poiting the fingers at each other.American Airlines was blaming China air, China air was blaming our agent and not really caring either. After three hours of calls back and forth our agent was finally able to book them on another flight which left LA twelve hours later. I had to have an interesting phone call with the hotel in China and while I thought there was no way the woman understood a word I said, online confirmation showed she got it right and changed their hotel room reservation since they were arriving a day later.
I guess in a way with all the horrible storms which hit St. Louis we were blessed they were even able to get out of St. Louis on Friday and not stuck here. Summer was reportedly bummed she didn't see anyone famous in LA. I think she expected to get off the plane and sing a Miley Cyrus song "stepped off the plane in LAX with a dream and my cardigan"...
I spent an agonizing day of checking online flight paths and how much longer before their flights would land.
I haven't yet actually spoken with Chris, but he has posted to his Facebook page which reads...

Todays Update: 41 hours after leaving our house we have entered our hotel room! Lets review; first flight delayed, missed connecting flight, lost luggage, recovered luggage, 11 hour lay over to get flight to China, plane's ac was out of order while on ground waiting for take off, waited hour and half for take off, began to smell like a wet goat, lavatory leaked water through wall onto my blanket, I was relieved I didn't have an accident and water was leaking from the lavatory, arrived in Guanghou, four hour lay over then off to Nanjing and voila we're at the hotel! Summer has been awesome through all of this! (Somewhere Jill Winslow is giggling to herself profusely) But you know, today is Isaac's last day in an orphanage!!! How awesome is that!!! I will be a voice for orphans everywhere, God is great!

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