Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Not Awesome...Obedient

Last night I had some Face Time with Chris. He wanted to make sure I understood, and to prepare people once they returned home, Isaac's head is pretty shocking. I posted earlier his head is flat on one side. We believe due to him always being placed on the same side,perhaps in a crib with more than one infant. We can only speculate most things. His orphanage is one of the "good ones". I guess I say this because I need people to know, even the so called best care in China is poor and the poorest conditions are deplorable. I am thankful God kept Isaac safe, fed and cared for in a "good" facility to the best of the ability of the nannies who do their best but large numbers of disabled children prevent them from providing optimal care.
Last night I was angry and frustrated. I was angry at Isaac's birth parents who abandoned him just because he looked different and has sight impairment. I was angry at the conditions he was kept, given his head does not have to be this way. Then I realized if we hadn't answered the call from God last year, we would not have been ready to rescue him this early in his life.
Many people have commented on our Facebook pages and in person we are awesome people for what we are doing. Let me shout as loud as I can I AM NOT AWESOME! WE ARE NOT AWESOME! We are simple sinners like everyone else. Undeserving of God's Grace, yet for some unexplained reason given it anyway. What we are is obedient. Obedience means we do not deserve accolades or pats on the back. It means we serve an awesome God who adopted us out of our mess and gave us life. How many more hear the call and ignore it? Too many times I have heard "I could never do what you are doing" , something which really makes me laugh. Are you kidding? I can't do what I am doing! It's only by the grace given by God which equips me to walk in obedience.

This morning I woke to read Chris' post on Facebook confirming he too is being equipped with God's grace in this journey! Glory to God  for allowing us to be a part of this amazing journey. One week from today I will hold my son. My fourth child. God is Great!

Today's Update: today has been a big day! We switched Isaac from his rice and milk powder to a more westernized formula. So far so good, he appears to like it. We also put sunglasses on him which at first caused him to cry. However, once he opened his eyes it was amazing to see the difference in him. He wore them for our sightseeing tour and was quite the attraction for the locals! Maybe you just don't see albinism kids with lime neon green sunglasses everyday here! This trip has had a profound effect on me as I can see so many signs of God's plans for His adopted children! I will just give you a heads up now, if you don't like hearing about adoption and orphans, you may want to delete me now. Keep up the prayers we will be home soon!

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  1. Loved your post!! Love the pic too :) God is awesome! He provides ALL we need...I can't wait to see a pic of Isaac with his mama! My sweetie is at the same swi--