Monday, June 3, 2013

They have Isaac!

Gotcha day for Isaac went really well according to Chris. He woke me at 4am to Facetime with me. Isaac was wearing a Minnie Mouse outfit and angry bird shoes (coincidentally so did Ellie from a different orphanage in a different part of China.I guess there was a big donation of Angry Bird shoes to orphanages?) Isaac has a flat head on one side. They told Chris he would only sleep on one side, but he fell asleep on his other side with Chris today! He's delayed some as expected, he doesn't seem to know how to eat from a spoon very well. We expected delays given he is not quite a year old.
According to the orphanage workers they told Chris after breakfast he was put on a pot until he pooped which breaks my heart because he is so chubby after a while if he leans one way or the other while sitting he just topples over so he probably was strapped to a chamber pot. But that's only an assumption. He can sit by himself. He is pretty chubby which is good. He's super happy and sweet and doesn't show much signs of being upset or scared outwardly. He's played happily with the stacking cups for a long time with our daughter, banging them together. He seems so sweet, I cannot wait to get him home and get him on track with a loving family! Chris said coming back to the hotel from the Civil Affairs office a women refused to get on the elevator with them because of the baby. In China some people believe a person with Albinism is actually a dead spirit or someone who can bring bad luck.
The video shows a super happy baby!


  1. Congratulations, Julie!!! I can't see the video on my phone, but I will check my computer later.

  2. Hi Julie. Congratulations! I am unable to view the video link above. Is there another place where you have shared it? I'm really looking forward to more updates!

    Heather H.

  3. Heather, please try again. I didn't realize I hadn't made the setting to the video as public. Please let me know if you still cannot view it. Thanks!