Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy First Birthday!

Today is Isaac's first birthday! I am so glad he was able to spend it with his forever family and not in an orphanage. He is making great progress. Our first pediatrician visit went well and she was very pleased with him. She said there may not be anything we can do at this point about the flatness of his head. The official name for it is positional plagiocephaly, aka laying on a crib for endless hours in an orphanage. She did refer us to a neurosurgeon just to make sure nothing else is going on. She said it would not affect his brain at all, or development, just appearance.
She agreed with us he must have had some trauma in being fed solids and agreed with our course of giving him bottles and proceeding slowly with rice cereal.
We are also going to see about early intervention services for some physical and speech therapy to catch him up. I don't know why, but I am nervous about it. Maybe it's not knowing exactly how the system works or because it is run by the state and anything run by the state of Illinois is jacked up!

Isaac is sleeping through the night, and his nap-time and bedtimes are synced with Ellie's. Life and a normal routine have returned. I know this is the honeymoon period but I am blissfully happy with our life. The big kids are so helpful and our littles are such a joy. Ellie cracks us up daily with her happy, demanding nature. She is a little jealous of Isaac and insists on being a baby which we are indulging in.

Below is another post from Chris' Facebook page. How can one be more blessed than this?

Jet lag you were a mighty foe, however, I do think you can take your sorry self to another time zone, thank you very much! I do believe I am all the way recovered now and it only took me a week! Julie and Summer are off running errands, which leaves Wyatt, Ellie, Isaac and myself here at home. Thus far, Isaac continues to make steady improvement with every passing day. He had a very positive visit with his pediatrician yesterday with some lab tests and specialists visits yet to come. Ellie is adjusting to becoming a big sister however, she's still holding on to being a baby. Today at lunch, Ellie told me she loved her baby brother! Wow, try to find that feeling at the department store. It's funny, I thought years ago, when I was disobedient and not walking with The Lord, I was happy. It was a fleeting happiness, like chasing a wisp of smoke, from one material item to the next to catch a feeling which only lasted as long as the next desire took to implant itself in my mind. I often stated I would be done raising children after I retired, I would be too busy doing those things retired people do! What a sense of humor our Savior has! Now don't get me wrong, adoption is not about happiness, it's about obedience. Through obedience you will find peace and solitude, neither of which is sold at the sporting goods store or the local car dealership. As I sit here writing this post, with two more babies to love, I am struggling to find the right word, the right phrase or sentence, which would adequately describe this feeling of bliss. I urge those of you who walk with Jesus Christ to stop, listen, and go in the direction Jesus is sending you. For those of you who don't have a relationship with Jesus, I urge you to talk with someone who does, perhaps me, and discover the peace of an everlasting relationship with a God who aches to have you in His kingdom. Sorry for the long post, I'm just fired up and wanted to share!

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