Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vision Appointment!

Today was the day we have been waiting for since bringing Isaac home. What would a doctor tell us his vision would be? I cannot tell you how fortunate we are to live near a top pediatric hospital. Our doctor has been following the big kids for years. Summer had eye surgery when she was five and Wyatt has worn corrective lenses since he was three. I had even consulted with our doctor at one of the big kid's visits and shown him Isaac's photo. He confirmed what I had already researched about kiddos with albinism. He was more than likely legally blind and we could secure services because of this legal definition. The term "legally blind" is just that...a legal definition for services and aids for those who are blind or have low vision.
So as Isaac has been home for over a month, we had already begun securing vision services through the Illinois early intervention program. A group, Delta Gamma is who provides vision therapy and aids to parents with children who have vision issues will be providing services for Isaac. Because Isaac had a diagnosis of albinism, he already qualified to receive services. These services are covered by our insurance and a monthly payment based on income and family size. GO FAMILY OF SIX!!!
The therapist from Delta Gamma has already evaluated him and her awesome outlook and disposition left me with no doubts Isaac will live a normal life.He will receive therapy twice a month for vision, and once a week for physical therapy to catch him up from his time spent in a crib in the orphanage.
Today the eye doctor didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. Isaac has 20/200 vision that is not correctable due to the fact several components in his eyes did not develop properly due to his having albinism. (Please see the FAQ about Albinism tab at top of blog)
For two years now God has been preparing me for all of this, I knew all the "facts" about albinism and had done my homework so I was not surprised or scared.

I was thrilled the doctor said his nystagmus (eye shaking or movement) was "pretty stinkin' good", meaning it will be easier to focus.
He also told us at this time Isaac did not have any need for corrective lenses, meaning I won't have to put glasses on his pretty handsome face. Whew!
So we've had great doctors reviews so far. Neurosurgeon, Pediatrician, and now Eye specialist.

Isaac will never drive or be an astronaut, we know this. His future however, being a child of God with a loving family is unlimited. I am excited to see what he will amaze us with next.
He's already doing things he couldn't do when evaluated a few weeks ago. He's now sitting unsupported, rolling over, army crawling, and recognizing me and other family members. He is eating SO much better and now uses a cry to indicate he wants "more" of something.
He will sit patiently and play with his toys, and is content to be rocked to sleep. What a perfect joy this child is.
Chris writes so much more eloquently than I do, below is a copy of one of his recent Facebook posts.

While rocking Isaac to sleep for his nap, I couldn't help being overcome with awe by our awesome God! Isaac was smiling as I rocked him, I wondered, how many times had he been rocked to sleep in China. What must Isaac be thinking, was his heart bursting with love like mine. As he fell asleep a look of content came over him. Did he feel safe I wondered, did he now know this was his home, that I was his daddy. It sounds crazy, but holding him made me feel safe, there was no other place I was supposed to be but right there in that bedroom holding my son. I was following God's plan, I had been the one who was rescued, I was in my Father's arms, I had been adopted into God's perfect family. If you haven't experienced a similar feeling in your life, please, allow Jesus Christ into your heart, allow yourself to be rescued. If you have experienced this in your life, please prayerfully consider sharing it with an orphan, or, helping an orphan find a home.

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