Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Poop diaries!

I really feel like I should start this post by saying:
"This post brought to you by Clorox wipes,Clorox Cleanup,Johnson's Vanilla Oatmeal Baby Wash, Huggies wipes and Hello Kitty Band-aids!"

Poop is my life! Before we began again with round two of little ones, I was constantly cleaning up messes from our dogs. (Side note: anyone want a 11 year old Shih tzu with one bad eye?)

Ellie re-ancted the following scene from the movie "Bridesmaids" last week.

She's completely potty trained but still getting the hang of the "window" she has between feeling the urge and getting to the toilet! Sunday she was swimming with Summer and a few of Summer's friends. Summer called out for me to take her potty because she said Ellie told her she "had to poop." Ellie proceed to have a small tantrum as most three year olds do when being removed from a pool. By the time I had gotten her up the stairs she had an accident! I went into zombie mode, cleaning up her, the floor, rinsing her suit and putting her in a new swimsuit.No. Big. Deal. Poop is my life.

Zombie mode was activated again today when Isaac had a huge blow out at lunch. I carried him upstairs placed him in the tub and proceeded to strip him down and give him a bath, after wiping him down with wipes to avoid chummed waters! As the water was running, I noticed there was blood all over the floor next to the tub. I went into panic mode! It was only then I realized I was the one bleeding! Apparently I had cut my foot and since I was in zombie mode I hadn't even noticed. So with the baby in the tub, I fumbled for the only band aids I could safely find...Ellie's Hello Kitty band aids! Bleeding stopped, I finished the baby bubble bath. Isaac must have been thinking to himself during lunch how cool it would be to get a pre nap bath. Knowing his mommy oh so well he knew he had to come up with a fool proof way to get himself into the vanilla oatmeal goodness! Clean baby in tow I returned downstairs to inspect the high chair. I had already started a load of poopy laundry and was hoping since it was a front blow out I wouldn't have to dismantle the pad from the chair. Can I just say it was brilliant of  Graco to put BROWN straps on a high chair??? So ten Clorox wipes later the high chair straps were clean. Back up to the tub I went where I cleaned it with Clorox Clean up spray.

Whew! I am tired!
Two babies are peacefully napping and I am having Golden Double stuff oreos for lunch! I deserve it, right?

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