Thursday, July 28, 2011

I800a APRROVAL!!!!

This is such a miracle. Today we buried Chris' beloved Uncle. He had battled
cancer for two years, and this past week we had virtually been at his side for
four days straight. My husband gave the eulogy. It was an emotionally draining
day to say the least. Anyway, we decided to get away and get some ice cream
tonight. Since Chris is a police officer, we have a PO Box. It was almost an
after thought, but I grabbed my key for our box.
Low and behold our approval notice was in there, DATED JULY 25TH!
I spoke with officer Griffin late on the 25th, it was postmarked July 26th so I guess he finished it after we spoke and put it
in the mail. Sara our caseworker said our paperwork is ready to be DTC as soon as we get this
last piece authenticated.

Here is our time frame

Reciept 5/31/11
Fingerprint 7/7/11 (went in early to St. Louis on 6/21/11)
Approval date 7/25/11

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