Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I can't wait!

So this morning I was browsing through my friend, Suzanne's, blog. Now I have never met Suzanne, but out of all the families on the yahoo boards for Madison, I clicked with Suzanne. She is bubbly and outgoing from what I can tell from her emails and she loves to provide help and information, so a lot like me. I have been following her progress, she and her husband are currently in China with their new baby boy, Drew. Drew is a cleft baby and so thus is why I think God put her in my life. (see journey to our little guy under blogs I follow on the sidebar of this blog page)
I have also looked at other families' time lines, comparing what I think mine will be soon. Dossier logged in, being matched, provisional approval, letter of acceptance, etc. Now if you are in the process of adoption from China, you not only know those "phrases" but you know their abbreviations as well! I feel like a mother in her sixth month of pregnancy.I'm ready to get to the "baby part".I have been nagging all family members they'd better start pitching in more because "I won't be able to do it all when the baby comes". Last night I even had a dream I was in labor! I swear the pain was real, but more than likely it was the pork steaks we had for dinner! Summer time just started and it snuck up on me like always. I know this summer will fly by in some respects and in others, painfully slow. Our paperwork process has went so smoothly thus far, and I know God is faithful in his timing to provide. I am so excited to see the next chapter of our lives.

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