Thursday, April 23, 2015

Long overdue THANK YOU!

Back in March we were unexpectedly blessed. I still am in such shock over the blessings!
Long story short..we were blessed by so many! First a woman I have never met named Melanie contacted me after she had heard our story from another adoptive mom. Melanie is a 31 distributor from North Carolina who told me she wanted to bless an adoptive family and had chosen us! She hosted an online party and so many people ordered products. (THANK YOU TO MY FAMILY , FRIENDS AND FOLKS I HAVE NEVER EVEN MET) Typically for a fundraiser the hostess receives either the profit from the consultant OR the hostess products. Melanie took NO profit AND gave us the hostess awards too! I was able to order over 300$ worth of product most of which I am using for when we travel to China. I was even able to order Sophie her own bag, a grey drawstring backpack with "LOVED" embroidered on it. Then in the first week of April, Melanie mailed us a check for 250$! Truly an unselfish gift for strangers she had never met.
Please support Melanie by visiting her website here:

Sophie's bag

But it gets better! The same day Melanie contacted me my good friend Kim from Pennsylvania  texted me and told me about her efforts to raise money for our journey. She had asked permission earlier in the month to share details about Sophie's adoption for her blog. I never in a million years guessed what she was planning. For starters, Kim and her husband Merle, were facing a very difficult surgery of their daughter Lucy on May 18th of this year. We call Lucy Ellie's twin because the girls look so much alike and are from the same province!
Can you tell who's who?

Lucy, just one day after her fifth birthday would have a complicated surgery to fix her leg. Not only was the surgery complicated but Lucy would have to wear a huge metal bracket from hip to toe! I can't imagine even focusing on anyone else during such a difficult time but Kim had been planning a huge surprise! She wrote a blog and asked everyone to send Lucy a birthday card and a donation for two adoptive families. She told of our story and about Sophie and then she sat back and watched God in action. Kim and Merle raised over ONE THOUSAND dollars shared between us and another family! Earlier this month we received the check for just a little over FIVE HUNDRED dollars! God is so good! All the time! Lucy is doing well in her contraption but still has a few months to go, and is never far from my mind. Kim and Merle are truly doing the hard things for a little girl who was once an orphan.
You can read the amazing blog post here....

Friendship alone is gift enough!

I can't even begin to tell you how God has confirmed our journey. I know some will shake their heads at a third adoption in such a short time, but they don't understand HIS story. We don't ourselves know the full story He has planned. We are only trying to be obedient to His will and have been blessed for it.
The thing with gifts is you can never thank someone enough for such an undeserved gift. I will never feel just one THANK YOU is enough for these amazing people.
God's grace is the same. We can never pay or work for his amazing gift in saving us from an eternity separated from Him. The best we can do is live to bring Him glory.
We are so close to bringing Sophie home and covet your prayers. We hope to travel by mid-May, really just a few weeks!

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