Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Always an Adventure

I'm a bit late with Chinese New Year pics of the kiddos. I have felt like such a failure! I've seen dozens of cute little Chinese children all dressed in their China silks in beautiful photos posted all over social media. 
Finally, on Friday I had some free (ha!) time. I moved the couch in our bedroom so it would face the window to get the perfect natural light. As a bonus I found our missing bedroom TV remote! It had been missing for over six weeks.
I snapped many decent pics of Isaac and decided to get Ellie dressed in her silk China dress to shoot a few shots of her. That was a little easier said than done. After finally coaxing her upstairs, changing her clothes, and brushing her hair she settled into posing for me. I was so engaged in capturing the perfect shot I didn't notice Doodle our pug had creeped upstairs and deposited five large piles of doggy doo on the new carpet! To make matters worse, Isaac was standing there IN it and also was squishing it between his fingers! I froze for moment, then grabbed the brand new comforter which was on the floor and millimeters from one of the "piles." With one hand I held the comforter and the other I held Isaac's hand to keep him from moving! I urged Ellie to quickly "go get Daddy" in the basement because I knew he couldn't hear me from upstairs. When Chris arrived we put Isaac in the tub, the clothes in the laundry and I got to work cleaning up the carpet. I was thinking how smart we had been choosing "dog poop brown" as our carpet color! 
After everyone was bathed and fed lunch and the carpet cleaned I finally had time to upload and edit my photos.
Enjoy! Happy Lunar New Year! 

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