Monday, February 4, 2013

God's Story part 2

Note: This was written last week, I have been waiting for Provisional Approval to arrive before sharing.

I've been trying to process this all week. I am so humbled by the way God has chosen our family to show HIS great glory!
Our agency spent the weekend finishing up our lock for the baby. I found out a little more about the details of the night the file was locked with our family in mind. The director of our agency was busy trying to match families who had been waiting several months. She didn't even know we had our paperwork to China, let alone already had our Log In Date (LID). We were in a virtual "waiting line" if you will, and our turn hadn't come up yet. She saw the file of this baby boy and instantly knew WE WERE HIS FAMILY!!! She was also able to lock the file, not knowing we had LID because he was considered a Special Focus child. When I heard those details I was so amazed how God had worked through her (as He had many times in the past for other families) to find him the family he was meant to be with.
She took quite a bit of risk considering we had said we were only considering a girl. She had never met us face to face, only in phone conversations.
Back this summer when she had called us to deliver the news the sweet girl we had begun the process in faith to adopt, was not going to be available and had already been matched with a family. My heart was heavy, but rejoiced this special little girl would have a forever family. I also knew in the instant, with out even speaking with Chris, we were to continue on this path, God had a plan, a path and we were to walk it blind. And blind we did, we had no money to begin this second journey. We raised the fees for the homestudy update with a beyond successful yard sale. Then, as I struggled to plan a huge fundraiser which we needed to complete the next step of this journey, GOD STEPPED UP HUGE! We raised the next amount needed to get our paperwork to China.
This week I have reflected on this journey. Last June when we were beginning the process, and I believe that special little girl stirred our hearts so much, to prepare us to be ready for our son. He was only HOURS OLD when we began our journey!!!!!!
This week I received the file with his name in Chinese. I sent a message to a friend, who is Chinese and she confirmed what I had already started to believe....His first name he was given could be translated into ...
"Heaven Sent" or "Gift from God"!!!!!!!!
I am overwhelmed at the magnitude of this great story. I am humbled I am a part of the process. I am a sinful human deserving of no blessing, let alone a blessing of this magnitude.
It is at this time I take great pleasure in introducing you to our son

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  1. So adorable!God Bless you guys on this journey!