Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We are DTC!!!

Wow, I cannot believe I was able to correctly compile all our paperwork! With Ellie's adoption, I let our amazing agency do this step and even though they are awesome, doing it myself saved us around a thousand dollars. I also felt comfortable doing it, having paperwork to compare with. Our agency sent our dossier to China this week and it should be received by week's end. I feel so blessed we were able to write the check for the full amount for this step and did not have to delay getting our paperwork to China. All those sleepless nights (right, Leslie?) sure paid off! I never doubted God would provide, but I knew we had to do the hard work! Our trivia night was a huge success and I am still overjoyed at the love and support which was shown to us and the little girl who is only known to God at the moment.  We still will need to continue to look to God to be faithful and provide for the last steps of our journey. We are hopeful our tax credit for Ellie's adoption will bring us close to the full amount, but I know it will be provided for us. We have been blessed so much already! Ellie continues to amaze us! She can count past ten, recognizes shapes, colors, numbers and letters and much more. She transitioned into her big girl room with enthusiasm and pride. She is my buddy during the day and I can't imagine our life with out her. God IS great!

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