Saturday, January 28, 2012

Waiting, waiting

I made hair bows today! Let's just say all this waiting has made me try and come up with creative outlets to pass time. I've obsessed over the theme for Ellie's birthday party, adoption announcements, and birthday party invitations. I've thought about bonding, attachment, and the possibility of having a mad as a hornet toddler on our hands.  I've thought about items to pack and even came up with a plan for a outfit "dress rehearsal". Soon I will try on clothing and outfits to figure out what fits, what looks decent and what will mix and match. Then I will have a clear picture in my head of what I am going to pack come packing day. (Overthinking??? I don't think so!)
All this week I have not obsessed too much for you see, it has been the Chinese New Year and government offices have been closed. The official, in my mind countdown shall begin Monday morning and end hopefully with in a couple of weeks with my sanity still in tact. In the meantime, here is a couple photos of my creative outlet.