Monday, November 28, 2011

We got our LOA today! I almost could not take any more waiting! I had been SO terribly ugly all weekend, the waiting getting the best of me. Then this morning my friend, Jill called to let me know our agency had posted on Facebook they had gotten five letters of approval! I many families are using this small agency? Are we one of them?!?!? Then I checked our agency's yahoo group to discover they had gotten another DHL shipment and they actually received TEN LOA's!!! I then called Jill back to lament and bitterly exclaim "I had better be one of the ten or I was going to lose it!". While we were on my cell phone, my home phone rang and the caller ID read "Madison Adoption"!!! I quickly disconnected with Jill and answered my phone. It was my social worker Sara telling me they had our LOA! All the frustration and waiting was OVER! It was so weird, I had wondered in my head a million times how this moment would feel and here it was! It was so overwhelming.I quickly called Chris who was SO excited!!! And then had a million questions... Now what??? LOL, I'm clearly the one who is (paper) pregnant! After I hung up with Chris it finally hit me. I'M ELLIE'S MOM.